CIO / UPM. Custom wood pencil holder.

Thanks to the CIO Conference, these pencil holders are much more than just a wooden item.

Hello! First… thank you for the curiosity that led you to scan this QR or click on our website. The pencil holder that we are going to talk to you about is not just any item; It is much more… and that is why we want to tell you its beautiful story.

Desk pencil holder manufactured in the AMAFI and ASPADEC occupational centers.

Thanks to the alliance we created between the CIO Conference 2024; AMAFI and ASPADEC associations; and Mobhu, these pencil holders managed to give a job opportunity to people with disabilities and also protect our precious forests. Here we tell you how…

With all the pencil holders manufactured for CIO Conference 2024 we achieved




It is the working time generated during manufacturing in the AMAFI and ASPADEC occupational centers.


SQ. M.

It is the area of forest that was responsibly managed to obtain the wood needed for its manufacture.



It is the amount of CO2 captured in the pencil holders, preventing its release into the atmosphere.



They formed the alliance that made it possible to achieve all these purposes.

This is how the manufacturing process was:

«Meaningful work»

People with disabilities are often deprived of access to the world of work because, by focusing on their disabilities, society forgets about their abilities. And the latter are many. At Mobhu we are committed to manufacturing exclusively in occupational or special employment centres where people with disabilities work; to offer them an opportunity to «work with meaning», a concept coined by the La Fageda Foundation.

«Meaningful work» is a real job opportunity for these people; a space in which they are expected to show commitment, be responsible and give the best of themselves; at the same time that they feel that they are creating/doing something useful for others, that they are made to participate, that they learn, that they enjoy and feel that they are co-protagonists of the success of the project.

The pencil holders were manufactured in the carpentry workshops of the AMAFI and ASPADEC associations.

The magic of wood

Wood is a fascinating material. It has existed on earth long before us, for more than 300 million years, and throughout history we have given it countless uses. If you stop to look around, you will realize that you are surrounded by it. In addition, it is a totally natural resource that does not need our intervention (machinery, energy…) to regenerate; and it also functions as a carbon store, of vital importance for the climate challenges that lie ahead.

As for the properties as a material (the reading «Lies about wood» is highly recommended), we highlight its warmth and durability. A well-cared for solid wood furniture can accompany us for generations. Numerous studies have also shown that wood is capable of providing great benefits for our health.

As if all this were not enough, and although it sounds contradictory, using wood can help us protect and preserve our forests. And the fact is that cutting down trees is not always bad. Among other things, that is precisely what responsible forest management is about; of extracting wood from the forest in a way that does not destroy it, but quite the opposite. It is called certified wood and it is what we use to manufacture our furniture.

The pencil holders are made of black pine wood, one of the oldest pines in Spain and the one that provides one of the best pine woods in the country. It is FSC certified and comes from Maderas Cuenca, the only certified wood supplier in the province of Cuenca.

The power of alliances

At Mobhu we believe in alliances as authentic generators of change. It is not only about making furniture and special wooden pieces, but also about enjoying the opportunity to get to know each other to expand our reality, co-create and establish a strong collaboration. From this «getting to know each other», the dissemination of the purposes achieved together has much more meaning and impact.

Wow, right? Everything we were able to do through a «simple» wooden item… And that is why this story deserved to be told and remembered. Thanks again to the entire CIO Conference 2024 team and to you, for wanting to read it.